Katie, Berkshire children aged 5 and 7

“Thank you for the fantastic Haktive bag! Our children have absolutely loved using it both at home in the living room and the garden. We’ve even taken it to the local park to use with friends. They’ve enjoyed using some of your brilliant suggestions, as well as making up their own assault course ideas and games! Great way to keep them busy and active come rain or shine!”

Katie, Foundation Stage Teacher, Harwell Primary School

'We’ve been lucky enough that our Head thought so much of the Haktive bag and concept that he decided to invest in one for every new foundation stage pupil. I’ve given them to family’s on our home visits and they have been a fantastic tool as well as an excellent gift to leave for them. Already we’ve seen benefits for children with special educational needs to help the transition to school life. It’s a really valuable link between home and school and one which is proving extremely positive."

Sarah, Lechalde children are 5 and 3

“What a great way to make active play part of our everyday ‘what shall we do’ options. I love the cards; in 2 minutes I’ve understood how to get the activity going & it’s great that the harder & easier options mean my 5 year old, 3 year old & I can all take part together. The equipment is really good quality & the bag means we can quickly collect it up & keep it together. It was the perfect thing to take on holiday. I’ve realised how happy it makes my children when I get up & join in & the haktive bag has really helped me do this. Thank you!”

Jennie, Wallingford, children aged 9, 7, 5 and 2

"We love our Haktive bag - it’s got everything our kids could need for hours of fun outside. We keep our bag in the car so we’ve always got it handy for impromptu trips to the park. We even took it on holiday to France so it’s well travelled. Over the summer, we went away with a large group of friends and enjoyed the (relative) peace as 16 children, aged between two and nine, spent hours making obstacle courses, playing football, throwing frisbees and having a fantastic time. No screens in sight!”

Bryn Gibson, Harwell Primary School

"We invested in the Haktive bags from our Sports Premium for our new Foundation class to help initiate the message that we are an active school that believes in the importance of physical activity and the positive impact it has on health and well being. We do home visits for new pupils and the Haktive bag was an invaluable tool for a very informal yet effective assessment of pupils motor skills and communication. It gave so much insight into the child, so much more quickly than any conversation. The impact we’ve seen has been on many levels - from easing the transition to school life, to enabling SEN pupils to feel connected to the school with a common object. From parents engaging positively with the school, as they were thrilled with the gift go the bag left with the family after the visit, to children making up their own games with other children using the class bag. For sustainable impact on pupil health and well being, it is a positive use of the Sports Premium".

Fin Lewis, Brightwell Primary School

“The Haktive bags have been a real hit! We are looking forward to photos coming in from the children as to how they are using them but one of my colleagues, who is a parent of one of our Reception children, has sent me the most lovely photos of her daughter using it daily since they were handed out on Wednesday!”

Richard Liptrot Wallingford, children aged 9 and 5

“I got the Hactive family bag as a present for my whole family at Christmas, unbelievably it managed to get the kids outside on Christmas day but this did involve a couple of trips for me over the wall into the neighbours garden to retrieve the spaceball. Since then we had great fun with everything, including me making a fool of myself by failing spectacularly at skipping. Although it's only 3 weeks later and the weather has been rubbish we've used it loads (including lots of the indoor games) and I can only imagine how much more it will be used when the weather gets better.”

Linda Hull, Headteacher, Kidmore End Primary School

"We decided to invest a portion of our Sports funding in Haktive Bags to send home with all our Foundation children. The activities are simple and fun, with clear instructions for parents to follow. We liked the idea of a 'toolkit' for families to enjoy physical activity together, and feedback from parents has been entirely positive. We're looking forward to seeing the next Haktive creation, with its Olympic theme, which I'm sure will prove popular both at school and home."

Jackie Halliwell, TA, Ewelme Primary School

"A fantastic all round activity plan helping to keep the importance of physical activity fun and enjoyable especially through lockdown.Our children in yr1 were able to continue enjoying p.e whilst keeping the social distancing. The activities are fun and challenging and for all levels. The children especially enjoyed the cone and running activities, the games, football golf and definitely the limbo challenge! A great way of keeping the children active whilst giving a positive experience at school during lockdown."