About Me

Hi, I’m Emma and I’ve been in PE and Sport for over 20 years. As a PE Specialist I currently work with primary schools, teachers and children. Empowering them to feel the benefits of high quality PE. I also have 2 of my own bundles of energy who are growing up fast. We started Haktive in 2019 as it occurred to me that for some families there was a gap between home and school and enjoying these benefits. Government was advocating 60 minutes of activity every day and so the 30;30 approach was developing. 30 minutes in school and 30 at home. Not everyone can go to sports clubs, not everyone enjoyed PE when they were at school BUT everyone can have some fun with some basic equipment and lots of ideas on different ways of using it. Practice is the key. The Haktive book is full of those ideas to help develop basic skills and to make challenges appropriate to your child/children. We want to empower you to unlock that potential. Not only that, the time you spend playing with them is precious. It’s quality communication and understanding time, skill development time and most importantly of fun family time.

We hope you have lots of Haktive fun