The Haktive-at-Home Summer 2020 eBook

THe Haktive-at-Home Summer 2020 eBook

In this addition to our Healthy Active Kids series, we have collated lots of ideas of how to be active at home based on summer activities they may have been doing at school. All activities can be adapted to use items from the home and adapted for your aged children.
We’ve started with athletics - the personal challenge of being the best we can be in running, throwing and jumping events, then we have tennis, cricket, rounders and some extra practices and games for fun.
It’s part of a Haktive at Home series where we have been providing free activities and challenges for your children through these uncertain times. The principle is simple - every bit of activity your child does will help their well being and yours.

Price per eBook : £5.00

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Product details:

  • The book contains ideas for athletics, tennis, cricket and rounders activities.
  • It also contains a section on well being and yoga poses.
  • It is an eBook so that you can download it now, and immediately start to try out some of the activities with your family.
  • It is to help you get started, to empower you to create your own physical activity challenges.