The Haktive Newsletter : 4th May 2020

There are many view points on whether competition is beneficial or not for children. You will have your own view but I believe there is a place for healthy competition as a child grows. Healthy competition can be a motivator, whether it’s competition with yourself, beating your time or distance or whether it’s against another person or team. Having that drive to beat something is a powerful tool for motivation, to keep practicing, to keep trying, to be resilient. In addition it is practising the skills of being a good sportsperson, fair play, graciously accepting defeat or modestly celebrating winning and taking that outcome to drive further practice or improvement. Remember - 'dance like no one is watching'. Enjoy

How many speed bounces can you do in 30 seconds /1 minute?

During lockdown competition can be used in the home in different ways: You could measure time or distance of a jump, throw or run. Then try to beat it. You could have a tally sheet so every time they did say 10 star jumps or 10 squats they got a tick and the most ticks at the end of the day/week wins. It could be a timed competition- who can do the most in 1 minute and do different activities every day- lunges, sit ups. Even, who helps the most to load or unload the dishwasher ;-)

Most importantly make sure it’s a positive experience and you have fun with it.

These websites have some interesting views about competition for children.

Here are some other useful links
You Tube - Mr Motivator
You Tube - Get Kids Moving - Glen Higgins - Superhero based workouts - Little Sports, cartoon fitness videos - Aimed at the older age group but worth a look
Homecourt app - free until 31st May again aimed at older children but focused on performance

So how many did you get? There are 30 activities/sports in this photo. (I can’t help it I’m a PE teacher 😉)

This week’s challenges (Week 7) are ready for you to download at
They are all competitive in nature so adapt them to suit your children’s age and abilities but have fun with it, they may even beat you 😉

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Stay safe and stay well