The Haktive Newsletter : 21st April 2020

As we head into the new term, everyone is becoming more accustomed to the situation. Expectations are becoming clearer from work, school, your own family values and yourself. This helps to feel more settled in these uncertain times and more positive outcomes will flourish.

Remember physical activity is one of the main keys to well being, for you and your children. The government recommend for children to be active for at least 1 hour every day. However the recent report by the Chief Medical Officers recognise that even short bursts of 10 minutes can make a difference, so maybe consider bitesize pieces of activity. That is why I have created the daily challenges as they can be done all together or little challenges throughout the day.

Try not to be daunted by the full hour but do make physical activity an important part of your everyday schedule in whichever form works for you and encourage other families to do it too.

This week’s challenges have recognised that we now have an abundance of toilet rolls, so we’ve got creative in different ways of using them to be active. What ideas will you come up with too? :: Haktive at home

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Stay safe and stay well