The Haktive Newsletter : 14th April 2020

Usually, we have quite a hectic pace of life. School, work, clubs, volunteering - life as we knew it.
Current times are giving us the opportunity to slow down, take stock and work out what we want to do with our time. As so many of us are directed by other things, this can feel quite daunting. However take a deep breath and dream, when we are rushing around - what do we wish we could be doing? Now follow that thought, embrace it and make a splash.

Joe Wicks is being a fantastic, energetic and inspirational consistent for us, but if you need something different here are some other ideas:
Youth Sports Trust -
Cosmic Kids Yoga -
This Girl Can

This week families have shared their Haktive on Hockey clips and it looks like you’re having a lot of fun! Thank you.
Week 4 Haktive at home is now available. Don’t forget Week 3’s Eggstravaganza for the Easter Holidays. Hope you can make the most of the sunshine. Haktive at home

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Stay safe and stay well