The Haktive Newsletter : 4th April 2020

Getting in the swing of it more this week. Still finding our feet but doing more fun stuff at home too. Hope everyone else has had some wins this week.

So next week is school holidays and more days at home, so we’re still adding our activities for some extra challenges. But how do you define school weeks and holiday weeks? With the same restrictions of being home bound, we came up with school weeks ‘the things you need to do’ and holiday weeks - ‘the things you choose to do’. Activity is still important so we hope make some good choices. Have fun.

Joe Wicks is still going strong but here are some alternative sites to check out for inspiration and activity. - football themed home learning - they have maths focus too - to help your psychological well being during these times - some fun active videos - Lots of fun activity videos

This week we’ve added some skipping challenges and week 3 - An Eggstravaganza which can be found at : Haktive at home

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Stay safe and stay well