The Haktive Newsletter : 29th March 2020

What a whirlwind of a week it was! With everyone juggling many aspects of their lives all from home, it felt like our feet didn’t touch the ground. I have marvelled at how well my own children have adapted, and I continue to seek to learn from them. However this week feels better (not easy but better), we are adapting to the new aspects of our every day lives and are getting ready to embrace the week ahead.

'PE with Joe’ is having such a positive impact for so many families (if you’ve not seen it check it out on You Tube), with over 16 million views by Friday. He’s done an amazing job at inspiring the nation to feel the benefits of activity through HITT training!

The Body Coach - YouTube Channel : getting the day started with 30 minutes of live PE at 9am (UK) each day.

If that is not your child's thing there is Cosmic Kids yoga (You Tube) or BBC Supermovers too and which gives resources for both physical activity and well being.

Haktive has also launched 'Haktive at Home'
We too want to try help and keep children active through these uncertain times so we set up Haktive at-home.
These challenges aim to engage children in different ways to be physically active. It’s the start of the ideas and I’m sure they will come up with their own variations on the challenges too.
As well as Week 2, we’ve recently added a Hockey focus and an Activity planner to help establish their routines.

We will continue to share great new resources as we find them, and please also share what is working well for your family.

We hope every one stays safe, and let's stay haktive :)