A lifelong love of being active

Happiness is cartwheeling

A lifelong love of enjoying being active is one of the greatest gifts you could give to your children.

Just 60 minutes of physical activity everyday will make all the difference to your child's health and It is great fun for everyone too.

Sharing lots of practical ideas from over 20 years as a Teacher & Physical Education Specialist Consultant, the guidance, tips and tricks in Haktive will help you develop your child's fundamental core skills for movement and well being.

Haktive products

The Haktive Bundle

All the things you need to get family active and have fun while your doing it, in one convenient bag.

The Haktive Excercise Book

A guide full ideas to help you get started being active with your children and having fun.

The Haktive Group Bag

The group edition of the Haktive bag, for active fun in groups or at parties.

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