A lifelong love
of being active

A lifelong love of enjoying being active is one of the greatest gifts you could give to your children. Our aim is to empower families to be more active and play together.

Just 60 minutes of physical activity everyday will make all the difference to your child's health and it is great fun for everyone too.

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Katie - Harwell, daughter is 10

"Our daughter absolutely loves it and wanted to play with it right away. She set up party games for her Granny’s 70th Birthday for the whole family to play, she’s also loved setting us challenges when we’ve gone camping. A great way of getting us all involved in some fun activities and games".

Sophie, Hereford children aged 7 and 5

"What fun we had! The kids loved the obstacle courses, coming up with all sorts of ideas themselves. I have enjoyed watching them learn to skip, as we don’t have skipping ropes, quite a difficult skill to learn but they did it. Thank you for the inspiration. I would definitely recommend this bag to anyone with young children. Time is precious, this is a great way of enjoying it, Fun to be had by all.”

Jess, Wallingford, children aged 10 and 6

”We love our Haktive kit! We use it in the garden, on camping trips, in the park, in the house on rainy days and just about everywhere in between! The games are varied and well explained and really enjoyable for all of the family. It really is a great kit and I can’t recommend it highly enough”

Mrs O’Reilly, Oxfordshire

"Being a busy mum of 3 very active boys who love being outdoors and have so much energy. Using the Haktive bag with the ball, cones and so many ideas, games and fun to be had. It’s so simple to use and I find it so helpful all items fit in the one bag which is easy to carry. We have had hours of fun using it. I would highly recommend getting one."
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