Girls CAN throw - they just need to be taught the correct technique : 2nd December 2020

Have you ever heard the comment ‘that was a girly throw’? There is an historical association that girls can’t throw properly which is just wrong now a days, especially if they are taught correctly. We need to dispel this myth and teach our girls they can throw and do it well.

The key to a good throw is the starting position.
Always stand side on to where you want to throw the ball and hold your throwing arm up and behind you.
As you pull your arm forwards turn your shoulder into the same direction, release the ball high and follow through.
That’s the basics, it can get a whole lot more technical, with weight distribution and movement, hip rotation and additional snap of the elbow and wrist but we need to get them started first and feel success.

Confidence also helps, if girls don’t ever know there’s a difference they won’t give it a second thought. Praise helps enormously with increasing confidence in anything. So don’t forget to tell them how good they are.

Let’s change, let’s teach girls how to throw properly so no-one ever has to hear a derogatory comment about 'girly throws’ again.