Festive Treats : 25th November 2020

Christmas time is a wonderful time of year when everyone likes to treat themselves in so many different ways. And hopefully especially this year. Whether it be with food and drink, games, presents and in normal circumstances socialising with family and friends.

However Christmas treats don’t always have to be food, they can be time - making time to be together is so precious, especially if you have children in the family.

Over this festive season try to balance out the treats with active challenges, long walks or dancing round your house.
It’s not about stopping having treats, it’s about creating that healthy balance of treats and exercise.

If you need some inspiration, try our Haktive Advent Challenges, something different everyday.
Either pop them in your advent calendar or peg them on to a ribbon or string and hang them up as part of the decoration.

It’s all about getting the balance right - as it is for us too.

Stay well everyone and Merry Christmas x