A winter walk : 13th November 2020

Through this second lockdown the most accessible form of physical activity for everyone is a walk. FIt’s for any age, fitness level and environment.
The benefits of activity and feeling better are so well documented, you probably know it would be worth it.

Getting out there together, taking notice of the details of your environment can be enlightening especially if you engage all your senses. Look, listen, feel, smell.
Being in nature has a definite feel good factor that can’t be beat. The power of nature is unquestionable.

If you have trouble convincing your children to go for a walk, package it in different ways - we’re going on a bear hunt, how many different leaves can we find. With older children, track it (lots of apps freely available) and see what patterns you can make or how far you can go. If the focus of a walk is changed so it’s not on walking as such, this can really encourage children to be more receptive to the idea. (That’s why I created A Winter Walk Activities sheet that I want to share with you). Different ideas to change the focus of the walk - to help you keep your children more active and to improve well being, ultimately encouraging the feel good factor. Which we could all do with a little of right now.

Be prepared for the weather you’re walking into and it will always be a great adventure.

So what are you waiting for- go, go explore, go see, go feel better.

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