Where Haktive began… : 6th September 2020

It has been an interesting journey to make Haktive a realisation but the principles have been with me throughout my life.
I grew up on a farm where the nature of the work made sure we were active, it was just a way of life. And a good way of life, activity was never questioned we just did what needed to be done. I am the eldest of 5 girls, so with a large family I naturally lead the way and decided to teach becoming a PE teacher. This I did for many years at secondary school seeing the waxes and wains of confidence in young people as they adjusted to their growing bodies, always encouraging them to give it a go and try their best. I ran a School Sport Partnership working with over 50 schools and empowering high quality PE delivery and provision. This led to supporting primary aged students which is what I continue to do now. This is where we can really make the difference to confidence and how they perceive themselves and their abilities. Then I had my own bundles of joy and energy which I loved just playing with and seeing the fundamental skills develop with practice and fun.

So you may be at any one of those stages but here’s the crunch point - I became more aware that not everyone had positive PE experiences and this could then be passed to their children. Not everyone just plays ball in the garden or park. Not everyone enjoys being active just for the fun of it. So I wanted to empower these families to be more active and play together. It doesn’t matter how good you are as long as you’re having a go, having fun, practicing the fundamentals and developing skills. The benefits far outweigh any feelings of doubt or uneasiness. Any time spent with your children practicing these skills is quality time. Not to mention all the benefits of communication, self esteem with accomplishment, the values of good sportspersonship and many more.

I wanted to share some of the ideas I’ve created and enable these positive experiences with others.
Hence the Haktive bag was born. A bag of equipment and an accompanying book full of ideas of how to creatively use it and develop these fundamental skills. All in a convenient bag to take anywhere, a pick up and go active solution.

During Lockdown I had an overwhelming urge to further help families through the challenging time and home schooling so we created Haktive ‘At-Home’. A series of weekly challenges using every day items from home to challenge children to use their bodies in interesting and active ways. Anyone can access this for free and still can.

My aim is to continue to find families where this support will help and they will feel the benefits.

I strongly believe in family and in being active - so Haktive is a combination of the two most influential values in my life. Our time with our children is fleeting and a positive attitude to physical activity is the greatest gift we can give them for lifelong participation. We are the ones who make the difference to them - so let’s get Haktive!