Healthy Active Kids in 5 simple steps : 11th August 2020

We all know how essential physical activity is to our well being and this is particularly important to children. Children love to run around, play and be active, and so giving them these opportunities are really important but being part of it is even better. This helps to create quality active family time together and enhances relationships.

Haktive aims to inspire families to be more active and play together. hence we have 5 simple steps to help get your children more active:

I wanted to share some of the ideas I’ve created and enable these positive experiences with others.
Hence the Haktive bag was born. A bag of equipment and an accompanying book full of ideas of how to creatively use it and develop these fundamental skills. All in a convenient bag to take anywhere, a pick up and go active solution.

1.Walking - Walk anywhere you can, (especially for short journeys as it’s good for the environment too). Children love to be active and run around, so giving them the space to do just that is really important. - a trip to the park, a field, some open space, the woods. Even walking to the park, school, shops will help. Set some extra challenges, how quickly can you get to the swings? How many different types of leaves can you find?
2.Workouts - Doing any one of the numerous online activity workouts e.g. PE with Joe for your vigorous activity or Cosmic Yoga for the well being stretching of yoga.
3.Ball Games - Throwing and catching in the garden, simple ball games engage the brain and the body and can just be plain fun. Everything can be adapted to your environment, the point is to be moving and be engaged.
4.Dancing - one of the most liberating of movements and to be encouraged, especially in your own home when you can dance like no-one is watching.
5.Haktive Challenges with over 120 active challenges designed to engage your children in interesting ways of being active at home and only requiring items you have around the home. These are all accessible for free at

Having been a physical educator for 20 years now. I teach, I volunteer, I play and I empower primary teachers to deliver high quality PE lessons, so I have seen the positive impact activity and physical challenges can have for children.

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